PG Masterclass, University of Cambridge

You are warmly invited to a

PG Masterclass on the 2nd – 3rd November 2015 at

McCrum Lecture Theatre, Corpus Christi College,

University of Cambridge


To register your place please email childnationcinema(at) with “PG Masterclass” in the subject heading.





 09.00 Registration

 09.30 Panel 1 Adolescence. CHAIR: Emma Wilson

Charlie Jeffries (Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge),

“’Jesus Christ, What Happened?’ Female Sexual Initiation in Larry Clark’s Kids (1995)”


  • Clara Bradbury-Rance (University of Manchester)

“Disorienting desires in time and space: Blue is the Warmest Colour (Kechiche, 2013)”


  • Paul Merchant (University of Cambridge)

“‘Ahora que soy no-niña, no he dejado nada’: queer technology and adolescence in Joven y alocada


  • Melissa Powell (University College London)

“A Swedish Love Story? : Queering the Swedish Coming-of-Age Film with Ester Martin Bergsmark’s Nånting Måste Gå Sönder


11.00 Coffee


11.30 Panel 2 Gender and National Identity 1. CHAIR: Sofia Mason

 Laura Lee Kemp (University of Cambridge)

“Gender and National Identity: Andreu in Agustí Villarongas’s Pa Negre (2010)”


  • Stefanie Allum (Northumbria University)

“‘Animals: Adolescent (National) Cinema?’”


  • Phillip Phillis (University of Glasgow)

“Childhood Interrupted

Refugee children and nation in Theo Angelopoulos’ Eternity and a Day


  • Gemma Edney (University of Exeter)

“”Shine Bright Like a Diamond”: Rihanna and the Transnational Experience of Girlhood in Bande de Filles (Sciamma, 2014)”


13.00 Lunch (provided for speakers only, other delegates to make own arrangements)


  14.00 Michael Lawrence (University of Sussex) Keynote. CHAIR: Stephanie Hemelryk Donald

 “If the Shoe Fits: Children of Heaven and its Transnational Remakes”


15.00 Panel 3 Non-linear Childhood “development”. CHAIR: John David Rhodes

Rhiannon Harries (University of Cambridge)

“Beyond explanation: learning, childhood and identity in Nicolas Philibert’s Être et avoir (2002)”


  • Katy Stewart (University of Sheffield)

“Time Stands Still in Flora Gomes’ The Children’s Republic (2012)”


  • Milosz Paul Rosinski (University of Cambridge)

“Fixating Time: The Passage of the Self in Boyhood (2014)”


  • Maria Lusitano da Fonseca (University of Westminster)

un(childhood): performing the voices and times of childhood through shared filmmaking”



16.30 Tea


17.00 Un’ora sola ti vorrei with filmmaker Alina Marazzi. CHAIR: Emma Wilson 





09.00 Panel 1 Boyhoods. CHAIR: Michael Lawrence

Maohui Deng (University of Manchester)

“The Empty Boy: Singapore Nation(al) Identity and Cinema”


  • Philippa Zielfa Maslin (Royal Holloway, University of London)

“Homies and homosexuality in Sally El Hosaini’s My Brother, the Devil (2012)”


  • Dunja Fehimovic (University of Cambridge)

“Bad Behaviour: Education, Masculinity and Nation in Ernesto Daranas’ Conducta”


  • Stephan Ehrig (University of Bristol)

“Mothers and Sons in Québéc: The Films of Xavier Dolan, part 1, A Québécois Gay Youth – Xavier Dolan’s J’ai tué ma mère (I killed my Mother)


  • Benjamin Schaper (University of Oxford)

“Mothers and Sons in Québéc. The Films of Xavier Dolan” part 2


11.00 Coffee


 11.30 Panel 2 Girlhoods. CHAIR: Laura McMahon

 Albertine Fox (Royal Holloway, University of London)

“A Zoom-in on the Girl: Chantal Akerman’s Nina in La Folie Almayer (2011)”


  • Elspeth Mitchell (University of Leeds)

“Encountering the bond between girls in Chantal Akerman’s Portrait d’une Jeune Fille de la fin des années 60 à Bruxelles (1993)”


  • Hannah Kilduff (University of Cambridge)

“Contemporary gendered childhood in Laurent’s Respire


  • Ellen Davis Walker (University of Cambridge)

“Child Mourning in Alina Marazzi Un’Ora Sola Ti Vorrei


13.00 Lunch (provided for speakers only, other delegates to make own arrangements)


14.00 Sophie Mayer keynote. CHAIR: Sarah Wright

 “Sisters Against the State: Sibling Solidarities in Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake”



15.00 Panel 3 Gender and National Identity 2. CHAIR: Jordana Blejmar

 Karolina Westling (King’s College London)

“Gendered provocation? Two enfants terribles in French cinema of today


  • Negar Sadeghian (University Carlos III (Spain))

“Childhood portrait in Tahmineh Milani’s movie (children of divorce)”


  • Sheridan Humphreys (King’s College London)

“The First Australians to visit England – how Warrulan inspired an Indigenous Australian character for the screen”


  • Camilo Martín-Flórez (University of Reading)

“The Colombian Film and Audiovisual Heritage”


  • Imogen Bloomfield (University of Hull)

“Childhood Denied: Child Deaths in El orfanato


16.30 Tea and Closing Remarks



Ariel Dougherty

In the future I hope there is exploration about girlhood from the films that girls have made themselves. There are numerous of these works in the U.S., which I know quite a bit about, and from other places in the globe, about which I know much less. At present I am writing a book about U.S. community-based feminist filmmaking exploring these early programs in the 1970s and delving into the 19+ contemporary programs. A component of the book will be to discuss the works in some detail made by women in these different time periods. There is also a wealth of DIY made works from the 80s and 90s by girls, especially from the Riot Grrl movement that also needs examination.


Thanks for your comments – we’re very pleased to have feedback! We take on board what you say – we do have panels with child-led films at our conference at Royal Holloway. Would you be interested in writing a blog for our webpage about your work for the book you are writing?
Sarah Wright


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