Michelle Langford

Senior Lecturer/Deputy Head, Learning & Teaching, School of the Arts and Media University of New South Wales

Geographical areas: Transnational, North America, Eastern Asia, Middle East, Northern Europe

Michael Lawrence

Lecturer in Film Studies University of Sussex

Geographical areas: North America, Northern Europe

Geoff Lealand

Associate Professor Screen and Media Studies University of Waikato, New Zealand

Geographical areas: Transnational, South Asia, Australia & New Zealand

Vicky Lebeau

Professor of English, Director of Doctoral School University of Sussex

Geographical areas: Transnational, North America, Northern Europe

Cara Levey

Lecturer in Latin American Studies UCC, Ireland

Geographical areas: Central America, South America

Alex Lloyd

Lecturer in German St Edmund Hall and Magdalen College, University of Oxford

Geographical area: Northern Europe

Karen Lury

Professor of Film and Television Studies University of Glasgow

Geographical areas: North America, Western Asia, Northern Europe

Maria Lusitano

Researcher/ Visual Artist University of Westminster

Geographical areas: Transnational, Southern Europe