Annette Kuhn

Position: Emeritus Professor of Film Studies
Institution: Queen Mary University of London
Geographical areas: Middle East, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe

Research areas: Film history; cultural memory; transitional phenomena and cultural experienced

Relevant Publications

Kuhn, Annette, ‘Home is where we start from’, in Little Madnesses: Winnicott: Transitional Phenomena and Cultural Experience, ed. by Annette Kuhn (London: I B Tauris, 2013), 53-63.

– ‘Cinematic experience, film space, and the child’s world’, Canadian Journal of Film Studies, 19 (2), (2010),  82-98.

– Ratcatcher (BFI Film Classics; London: Palgrave MacMillan, 2008).

– ‘Thresholds: film as film and the aesthetic experience’, Screen, 46 (4), (2005), 401-14.

– ‘Heterotopia, heterochronia: place and time in cinema memory’, Screen, 45 (2), (2004), 106-14

– ‘Mandy and possibility’, Screen, 33 (3), (1991).







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