Christine Cheater

Position: Research Associate
Institution: University of Tasmania
Geographical area: Australia & New Zealand

Research areas: Australian history; history of childhood; Indigenous histories

Relevant Publications

Cheater, Christine, ‘Growing Up Girls and Boys: age and gender in traditional Australian Aboriginal child raising practices’, 4th Global Conference on Childhood (Oxford: Oxford University, 2014).


– ‘Stolen Girlhood; Australia’s Assimilation Policies and Aboriginal Girls’ in Girlhood: a Global History, ed. by Jennifer Helgren and Colleen Vasconcellos (New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 2010), pp. 250-267 (ISBN: 978-0-8135-4704-6)


– ‘My brown skin baby they take him away’: a reassessment of the role of adoption in the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their families’ in Other People’s Children: Adoption in Australia ed. by Ceridwen Spark and Denise Cuthbert (Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2009), pp 176-194 (ISBN: 986-1-921509-46-9)


– ‘Peace is the right of every child: the Machel Report’, Australasian Review of African Studies, xxviii (2006/7).