Daniel Biltereyst

Position: Professor
Institution: Ghent University
Geographical area: Northern Europe

Research areas: Media censorship and childhood, children's television

Relevant Publications

Biltereyst, Daniel, ‘Afterword: School Documentaries, Childhood and New Cinema History’, Paedagogica Historica, 47(4) (2011), 573-577.


– ‘European Public Service Television and the Cultural-Educational logic: A Comparative Analysis of Children’s and Youth Programming’, Asian Journal of Communication, 7(2) (1998), 86-104.


Biltereyst, Daniel and J. C.¬†Blumler, ‘Less Domestically Produced Children’s TV in Europe, News on Children and Violence on the Screen’, Unesco International Clearinghouse, 2(2/3) (1998), 13.



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