Dijana Jelača

Position: Adjunct Assistant Professor
Institution: St. John’s University
Geographical areas: Transnational, North America, Eastern Europe

Research areas: Transnational and Trans-Ethnic Cinema, Visual Culture, Feminism and Film, Critical Ethnic Studies, Childhood, Memory, and Trauma Studies


Dijana Jelača holds a PhD in Communication and Film Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her areas of specialty include critical cultural studies, transnational feminist theories, critical ethnic studies, trauma and memory studies, Eastern European Cinema and studies of post-Socialism. Jelača’s work has appeared in Camera Obscura, Feminist Media Studies, Studies in Eastern European Cinema and elsewhere. Her forthcoming book, Dislocated Screen Memory: Narrating Trauma in Post-Yugoslav Cinema (Palgrave), focuses on trauma narratives as cultural memory in cinema after Yugoslavia. Among other things, the book explores the role of cinematic children in representing trauma and atrocities after a violent ethnic conflict.

Jelača currently teaches in the Department of Rhetoric, Communication and Theatre at St. John’s University.

Relevant Publications

Jelača, Dijana, ‘Youth after Yugoslavia: Subcultures and Phantom Pain’, Studies in Eastern European Cinema, 5.2 (2014), 139-154.


Jelača, Dijana, ‘The Girl-Child, the Outlaw and the Land/Woman: Or How the Imaginary of the Western Permeated a Distant War’. Cultural Studies<=>Critical Methodologies, 14.3. (2014), 250-259.


Jelača, Dijana, Dislocated Screen Memory: Narrating Trauma in Post-Yugoslav Cinema (New York: Palgrave, forthcoming 2015)


Jelača, Dijana, ‘Elusive Figures: Children’s Trauma and Bosnian War Cinema’, in Scars and Wounds: Trauma on Film in National and International Contexts, ed. by Nick Hodgin & Amit Thakkar (forthcoming).

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