Julian Petley

Position: Professor of Screen Media
Institution: Brunel University
Geographical area: Western Europe

Research areas: Media policy, censorship and regulation.


I have a particular interest in the way in which ‘evil’ children are presented in cinema (and indeed in the media generally).

Relevant Publications

‘“Kill a kid and get a house”: rationality and retribution in the case of Robert Thompson and John Venables, 1993-2001’, in Thatcher’s Grandchildren? Politics and Childhood in the Twenty First Century, Jane Pilcher and Steve Wagg (eds), Palgrave, 2014.


‘The Monstrous Child’ in The Body’s Perilous Pleasures, Michelle Aaron (ed.), University of Edinburgh, 1999.


‘Killing the Age of Innocence: Newspaper Reporting of the Death of James Bulger’, in Thatcher’s Children, Jane Pilcher and Steve Wagg (eds), Falmer, 1996.

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