Lisa Rabin

Position: Associate Professor of Spanish in the Department of Modern Languages
Institution: George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA
Geographical areas: Transnational, Central America, South America

Research areas: Documentary studies, the history of the documentary, and the history of childhood


Lisa Rabin is currently working on a book-length project on the international history of the educational documentary.

Relevant Publications

Rabin, L. The Social Uses of Classroom Cinema: A Reception History of the ‘Human Relations Film Series’ at Benjamin Franklin High School, East Harlem, 1936-1955. The Velvet Light Trap 72 (2013): 58-70.

Rabin, L. The Normals, the Questionables, and the Delinquents: East Harlem Youth and the Movies, 1931-1934. Forthcoming in Illuminace: The Journal of Film Theory, History and Aesthetics, 28.1 (spring 2015), guest editor Richard Nowell.

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