Mirna Vohnsen

Position: Post-doctoral Student
Institution: University College Dublin
Geographical area: South America

Research areas: PhD thesis working title: Negotiating 'Argentinidad': The Representation of Jews in Contemporary Argentine Cinema


I am doing a PhD in the representation of Jews in contemporary Argentine cinema. In my thesis, I focus on the interplay between ethnic identity and national identity and I do that by examining different themes such as Jewish immigration to Argentina, the bombing of AMIA (a Jewish community centre that was bombed in 1994), the family and mixed marriages between Jews and non-Jews. In my research on the AMIA bombing, I explore the impact of the bombing on a cinematic child who loses her mother in the attack. Moreover, the first Argentine film to portray onscreen Jews revolves around the intergenerational conflict between a father and his pre-adolescent son. This is something I am working on at the moment and would like to publish in the future. A critique of this film has been accepted for publication in the Directory of World Cinema Argentina Vol. II under the childhood section of the book. In May, I will be presenting a paper on the child as victim at the Latin American Studies Association conference in Puerto Rico.