Paul Allatson

Position: Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Institution: University of Technology, Sydney
Geographical areas: Transnational, North America, Central America, South America

Research areas: Latino Studies; Transcultural Studies; Media and Film Studies; Sexuality Studies


Paul is a cultural studies scholar who works in the intersections of (US) Latino and Transamerican transcultural studies, postcolonial theory, media and film studies, and sexuality studies.

Paul is the author of Latino Dreams: Transcultural Traffic and the U.S. National Imaginary (Rodopi, 2002), and Key Terms in Latino/a Cultural and Literary Studies (Blackwell, 2007), and is co-editor (with Jo McCormack) of Exile Cultures, Misplaced Identities (Rodopi, 2008) and (with Elaine Jeffreys) Celebrity Philanthropy (Intellect, 2015).

One of Paul’s current projects, Elian Goes Pop: In the Archives of Virtual Celebrity with Elian Gonzalez, focuses on the popular-cultural representations and resilient virtual afterlife of the Cuban child who centred a bitter transnational custody battle involving numerous stakeholders in 1999 and 2000. A key feature of the study is a comparative analysis of filmic and performance responses to the Elian affair in relation to other films that feature Latino children unmoored from their proper “national” place and accordingly redefined in relation to longstanding discourses about Latinos as a non-., un- or even anti-American sector inside US borders.

Relevant Publications

Allatson, Paul V., Latino Dreams: Transcultural Traffic and the U.S. National Imaginary (Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi Press, 2002).

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