Stephanie Hemelryk Donald

Position: Professor of Comparative Film
Institution: University of New South Wales
Geographical areas: Transnational, North America, Eastern Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Eastern Europe

Research areas: Chinese cinema, children's approaches to media and sociality, tourism and the (cinematic) branded city, migration and branding, Chinese art and historical consciousness, visual arts, communication practices, comparative cultures and human mobility


Professor Stephanie Hemelryk Donald is a Network Partner of the Childhood and Nation in World Cinema research project. She entered the Network as an ARC Professorial Future Fellow at the University of New South Wales, Australia. Since 1995 she has published fourteen research books, over thirty book chapters in academic refereed collections as well as twenty-three refereed journal articles. Her current work on the migrant child in film connects explicitly to the network and she involves a team of PhDs and film-makers with expertise in participatory video, guerrilla film-making, and film studies in the network.

Relevant Publications

Donald, Stephanie Hemelryk, ‘Cosmopolitan Endurance: Migrant Children and Film Spectatorship’, in Children’s Film in the Digital Age: essays on audience, adaptation and consumer culture, ed. by Karin Beeler and Stan Beeler (London: McFarland & Company, 2014), pp. 133-147.


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Donald, Stephanie Hemelryk  ‘Children’s media and regional modernity in the Asia Pacific’, in The International Handbook of Children’s Media Culture, ed. by Kirsten Drotner and Sonia Livingstone (London: Sage, 2008), pp. 299-313.


– Little Friends: Children’s Film and Media Culture in New China (Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, 2005).

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