Vicente Rodríguez Ortega

Position: Lecturer
Institution: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Geographical area: North America

Research areas: documentary videomaking, US cinema, film genres, gender studies

Relevant Publications

“Parchís as a multimedia franchise: Consumption and fandom across the Hispanic world” (co-authors: M. Fernández Labayen, S. García López and V. Rodríguez Ortega), in Jane O’Connor and John Mercer (eds.):Childhood and celebrity. London: Routledge, 2016 (accepted for publication)

La ciudad global en el cine contemporáneo: una perspectiva transnacional, Santander: Shangrila Ediciones, 2012

“Homoeroticism contained: Translatability and Gender in John Woo’s migration to Hollywood” en Gender meets Genre in Postwar Cinemas, University of Illinois Press, 2012

“Digital technology, aesthetic imperfection and political film-making: Illegal bodies in motion” Transnational Cinemas, vol 2, 2011

“Surgical passports, the EU and Dirty Pretty Things: Rethinking European identity through popular cinema”, Studies in European Cinema vol 8, 2011

Contemporary Spanish Cinema and Genre, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2009

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